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mannequinnn asked: Hey man. I love how you've encouraged women to lift heavy. I've been training for a couple of years now; heavy squats, dead lifts, and I just hit a milestone of doing a 10kg weighted pull-up. Yet I've had the worst trouble with my diet and it makes me feel horrible and guilty altogether because I just can't seem to get lean. What would you recommend? Continue lifting heavy and throwing in HIIT? Or try out high volume training? And need a serious tip on getting my diet straight. :(


DAMN she lifts heavy-ass weight!!

You already know the answer to your first question, your problem comes from your diet.Therefore, don’t change your workouts because of it.

Regarding eating healthy, you must change your mindset regarding food. This is a long and difficult process, but it’s worth it.

Start with:

It’s probably worth ready this:

Remember, don’t try to do too much at once. Dream big, live big, but start small!